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Air Conditioning Installation Design, Supply, Maintenance & Repairs

Queensland – sunshine, heat, humidity, and the place we call home. Even with such a delightful climate, there’s still one thing most of us can’t live without. It’s a fair call to say that most Queenslanders would be lost without the benefits of air conditioning to keep us cool during those hot summer months and toasty warm in winter.

Precision Electrical QLD takes care of all things residential & commercial air conditioning. Our qualified technicians are well-equipped to handle all new air conditioning installation, servicing and repairs for an extensive range of air conditioning units. Not to mention our essential 24/7 emergency repair service!

Caboolture air conditioning services

Air Conditioning Services

Our air conditioning services include:

Air Conditioner Unit Supply & System Design

We’ll consult with you to come up with the ideal air conditioning solution for your commercial / residential premises.

Air Conditioning Installation

Our team of qualified tradespeople will arrange to fit out your selected air conditioner installation when and where you need.

Cleaning & Maintenance - Indoor & Outdoor Components

We offer air conditioner cleaning and maintenance services to help you keep your aircon install running at optimal efficiency. Cleaning your air conditioner is essential when it comes to air quality, as bacteria and other organisms can build up over time.

Servicing & Repairs

Our team will service your air conditioning unit and conduct any repairs that are needed.

Commercial & Residential Air Conditioning Services

Precision Electrical QLD offers air conditioning installation, supply and maintenance services to both commercial and residential customers. This includes those located in rural and remote areas that are considered out-of-the-way and less accessible.

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Air Conditioner Maintenance & Cleaning Keep Your Air Conditioning Installation Running Smoothly

Keeping your air conditioner install in great condition is actually a piece of cake – when you know the tricks. Hot tip? Maintenance!

We cannot stress enough the importance of routine service and repairs when it comes to keeping your air conditioning unit functioning at optimal efficiency. As well as keeping you cool, air conditioner maintenance will:

Aircon Installation Wamuran

Save Money

An air conditioning unit working at peak efficiency will use less electricity, saving you money on power costs.

Aircon Installation and repairs Kilcoy

Prevent Disaster

Regular services can catch and repair small issues before they can grow into a major disaster that will strike when you least expect it.

Morayfield Air Conditioning Installation

Bring Peace of Mind

A well-maintained air conditioning unit is significantly less at risk of a sudden and untimely breakdown which costs you stress, time and money – not to mention sweat!

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Fair Rates & Straight Up Quotes

We take pride in providing straight up quotes with fair rates that our customers can rely on across the board – whether it’s air conditioner installs, refrigeration, general electrical or solar.

Free Quotes

We quote based on each individual job – which means you know before we start exactly how much a job will cost. No unexpected expenses to worry about!

Straight Up

We’re happy to talk you through each quote and explain how we price the job, to make sure you feel comfortable and confident with the process from start to finish.


We believe in providing excellent service and a great job outcome for customer satisfaction – that’s why we take steps to communicate with clients every step along the way to make sure you’re happy with job progress and outcome.

24/7 Emergency Breakdown Service

Sweating it out in the middle of a Queensland summer with broken air conditioning or no aircon installation? Not an option. As Queenslanders ourselves, we completely understand! That’s why Precision Electrical QLD offers a 24/7 emergency breakdown service to take care of those emergencies when you need it the most.

Don’t sweat the small stuff…
but DO call Precision Electrical QLD when your air conditioner plays up!
24/7 emergency air conditioning electrician

Service Area YES! We travel out of town!

Our local electrician, solar, and air conditioning service area for all commercial and residential jobs includes:

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