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Electricians In Bribie Island

  • Master Electricians 
  • Family-owned Electrician Business 
  • CM3 Qualified & ASSA Certified
  • Safe and Qualified 
  • Fair rates 
  • 24/7 Emergency Service 
Solar panel system design and solar panel installation Wamuran

Electrical Repairs, Replacements And Installation

Get excellent and economical electrical services for your home or business from Precision Electrical QLD. We are a team of skilled, licensed and experienced electricians in Bribie Island.

Be it electrical repairs, replacements or new installations, we have a competent team to do the job.

And the best part, we plan everything, from start till finish. Saving you from the inconvenience and your precious time, we provide fast and efficient electrical services in Bribie Island and neighbouring regions.

No job is too big or small for us. Try us once!

Solar Power Services

Get professional solar design and installation solutions in Bribie Island. Be it residential or commercial areas, our licensed and experienced electricians can help.

We have everything, from technicians to tools, to install solar panels, in compliance with the local regulations.

Not just that. We also repair 24/7 and provide annual maintenance. Enjoy solar power for years and beyond; save extra on electricity and contribute to a cleaner and healthier planet.

We are more than pleased to educate you on solar panels and more. Do not think rethink, go solar!

Emergency solar panel repairs Caboolture
Solar panel system design and solar panel installation Wamuran

Air Conditioner Services

Stay cool indoors. Prevent the hot and humid weather from spoiling at home or business.

Get residential and commercial air conditioner services in Bribie Island. AC repairs, replacement or new installation, we have a qualified and experienced team to handle it for you.

Pay less in electricity while regulating the room temperature in all seasons. Our aircon services ensure your comfort and peace of mind.

Schedule a visit from one of our electricians in Bribie Island and keep things sorted for yourself and others.

Big job? Small job? We’re delighted by them all!

24/7 Emergency Electricians in Bribie Island for Hire 

Electrical emergencies test patience, especially if it’s a typical Bribie Island summer. Precision Electrical QLD offers 24/7 electricians in Bribie Island that take care of emergency breakdowns like a pro. 

Residential or commercial electrical emergencies. We have a diligent and dependable aircon service team to fix it for you and prevent future disasters like a fire or shortcircuit. 

HIRE Bribie Island Emergency Electricians


Whom We Serve

Wamuran Electrician and Air-conditioning

Residential Electricians

Electrical breakdown can turn our life upside down. And if it’s one of those hot and sultry days, it only multiplies the problems and leaves people huffing and puffing for cool air.

Hire Precision Electrical QLD and satisfy all your residential electrical needs. From regular electrical work to solar and air conditioning, our residential electricians in Bribie Island provide a comprehensive range of services to keep your home running.

Caboolture Electrical & Wamuran Electrician

Commercial Electricians

Most businesses can’t work without electricity. From stalling the production to frustrating the customers, there is a loss beyond the numbers. 

Hire Bribie Island’s commercial electricians for all your unique needs.  We design, install and maintain electrical wiring and equipment so that you run your business without any disruption.  Optimal electrical safety and electrical efficiency, we support your business growth and customer satisfaction. 

On the Tools

24/7 Emergency Electricians in Bribie Island for Hire 

  • Solar installation can take a couple of days to complete, depending on the job site. Precision Electrical QLD conducts a site inspection before sharing the estimated time and budget for solar installation in Bribie Island. Please be ensured we take a reasonable frame of time to install solar panels like a professional.

Service Area

Our local electrician, solar, and air conditioning service area for all commercial and residential jobs covers the Somerset and Moreton Bay regions.

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