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Commercial & Residential Solar Power Installation & Solutions

Thinking about going green with a solar panel installation? Great idea! As Queenslanders, it’s no secret that we all love and worship one thing above all – sunshine. So why not enjoy even more perks of living our sunny existence on the East Coast of Australia! Solar power is a renewable energy source that’s great for the environment – and for your wallet too!

Precision Electrical QLD can take care of everything from solar system design and solar panel installation, to the servicing and repairs that will keep your solar system and energy savings in tip-top shape.

Caboolture Solar Installation and repairs
Solar panel system design and solar panel installation Wamuran

Solar System Design

To create a customised solar panel installation that best suits your commercial and/or residential premises, Precision Electrical QLD conducts an inspection of your site that includes an in-depth consultation with you to discuss your unique needs and requirements.

We can provide you with a selection of solar system design options to choose from, taking into account a range of factors like location, space, budget and time constraints.

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Solar Panel Installation

Our team of licensed and experienced electricians are well-equipped to carry out your solar panel installation – we’ll have you hooked up to solar power and connected in no time! As your accredited solar panel installation technicians, we take care of:

Solar Panel Installation Morayfield

Roof Inspection

Part of our initial inspection process will be to assess the condition of your roof and home electrical system. No need to worry about hidden costs though – we’ll let you know in our initial quote any repairs, new purchases or other indirect costs that may be involved.

Solar power electrician Caboolture

Network Connection Application

Before any solar panel installation occurs, a network connection application must be lodged and approved by your local electricity distributor. Don’t worry – we take care of this application for you!

Caboolture Solar Panel Installation and solar electricians

Solar from A to Z

At Precision Electrical QLD, we love providing all of the necessary support and information our clients need to enjoy peace of mind – before, during, and after each job. When it comes to solar, we’ll make sure you have the information you need to make the most of your solar panel installation and exciting renewable energy source.

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Solar Panel Servicing & Repairs By Qualified Solar Panel Electricians

Solar Systems | A Long Term Investment

Your solar panel installation is the beginning of a happy partnership that can mean huge power savings over time. With this in mind, it’s important to remember that, just like a piece of equipment or machinery, solar panels require maintenance to keep the system running as effectively as possible. AKA – maximum operating efficiency and the direct cost/savings benefit.

Key Benefits of Solar Panel Maintenance

Maximum Efficiency

Regular maintenance will keep your solar panel installation operating as it should be at peak performance

Better Savings

The better your solar system is working, the more solar energy you’ll harness for a greater return on your investment

Identify Problems

Pick up on those small glitches and fix them before they can escalate into major problems that cost you time and money

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Emergency Solar Panel Repairs Daytime Only

Precision Electrical QLD offers a daytime emergency solar panel repair service for your peace of mind. If your solar is unexpectedly misbehaving, just give us a shout and we’ll sort it out.

As much as we’d like to offer a 24/7 emergency solar repair service, but let’s be honest – that might be challenging!

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Emergency solar panel repairs Caboolture

Service Area

Our local electrician, solar, and air conditioning service area for all commercial and residential jobs covers the Somerset and Moreton Bay regions.

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